Automating green homes and buildings

The near-future energy prosumer and consumer has a complex task to optimise comfort and cost.

How does a prosumer or consumer manage weather forecast, flexible tariffs and the charging of its electrical vehicles.

Today the end-user has limited interest to look at the energy bill, despite many attempts by utilities to seduce the consumer with reporting and apps.

The energy prosumer has not the time or the interest to look into this type of reporting, or in the near future to manage its home of office on a daily basis.

Automating this process becoming more and more relevant, and this is what Viridom provides.

Viridom is a form of intelligent control and coordination with the environment. Viridom enables to make the steps from knowledge based reporting to automation and interaction with the grid.

Viridom is complementary to many technological developments in the energy and smart home sectors and facilitates the energy transition for the end-users.

Viridom is a building block for the small scale environment as it enables the move towards Energy as a Service (EaaS).

This is the future. Available now!


VIRIDOM integrates algorithmic intelligence into smart energy products and services for homes and buildings.

VIRIDOM handles large amounts of energy-related and other relevant data from different sources. It is an alternative to offline and historical big data analysis. At the core of VIRIDOM is a real time optimisation engine processing the data with a set of intelligent algorithms. VIRIDOM is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and serves as a building block in the green ecosystem.

VIRIDOM’s optimisation and automation solutions are offered on a white-label basis to third parties who can use it as a building block to offer new services to their customers.

The services are provided to companies which offer energy efficiency and energy management products and integrated solutions. Such companies may be manufacturers of energy-related equipment, home service providers, energy service companies, and energy utility companies.

The VIRIDOM solution is modular and works with thermostats, electric vehicles, EV charging stations, home appliances, home automation units, solar PV systems and different types of storage devices, depending on the requirements of our partners.


VIRIDOM builds algorithms for inclusion in your product and services. This allows you to focus on your core strengths in hardware production or service provision.

Intelligent Thermostat Service

The Intelligent Thermostat Service is a self-learning software service. It models the heating and cooling behaviour of the house and is able to calculate the house’s energy needs for HVAC. It combines the house behaviour with external information like weather forecast, electricity rates, and even demand response signals. It can adjust how the house becomes as comfortable, ecological or economical as the users wish and selects either the most appropriate time to run the heating or cooling system, or the most suitable temperature to set the associated smart thermostat.

The Intelligent Thermostat Optimization Algorithm can be provided with multiple input streams and given various actions to support. These actions set the budgets (monetary or energy) and the priorities between economy, ecology and comfort. Depending on house behaviour and energy cost share between heating, cooling and household consumption, users can get savings up to 40%.

Intelligent Solar Service

The Intelligent Solar Service is a solution for Solar PV providers that want to offer the ability to their customers to optimize their usage of home produced photovoltaic electricity and to reduce the amount of purchased energy. The Intelligent Solar Service analyzes a households’ electricity consumption pattern, monitors the PV energy production and optimizes the consumption to match the energy production profile by controlling the household appliances (e.g. heat pump, warm water boiler, thermostat). The solution also visualizes production and consumption. The system intelligently adapts to the user’s changing habits and helps the homeowners save money, while improving their lifestyle.

Intelligent Storage Service

The Intelligent Storage Service is a solution for buildings that want to operate as autonomously as possible. It considers that the building has a form of energy storage device, it could be a battery or an electric vehicle, and wants to minimize the amount of purchased energy. It considers the charging/discharging characteristics of the storage devices and optimizes the operation so that storage cycles are minimized and the household appliances (e.g. heat pump, warm water boiler, thermostat) are operated at the best possible time. The solution also visualizes production, storage, and consumption.

Intelligent Demand Service

VIRIDOM also includes a service targeted towards utility providers to aid in their efforts to minimize the effects of decreased demand, peak power costs, renewable energy source integration, and customer churn, to their revenues.

The Intelligent Demand Service is an online tool that helps users be in control of their production, consumption, and storage. It offers technically-meaningful demand-side information and user activity patterns to power utilities. And of course, the Intelligent Demand Service can react to grid demand response commands. At the same time it facilitates customer engagement and a relationship of trust between the users and the utility companies.


VIRIDOM has extensive expertise in optimisation and decision making models. It has worked for many years in this area and its work has been recognised internationally. Its team consists of experts in optimisation models, application management, communications protocols, marketing and market research. The VIRIDOM services are provided by Ubinec, which has its origins in network communications.

Dr. Zinon Zinonos

Co-Founder and CEO
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Dr. Pavlos Antoniou

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Dr. Vasos Vassiliou

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Drs Kees Mulder, MBA

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January 2015
    Start in the Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator Programme in Amsterdam. VIRIDOM is one of the nine start-ups selected from more than 200 applicants
May 2015
  • Presentations at Rockstart demo day and ECOSummit in Berlin.
  • Kees Mulder joins start-up team as CCO
November 2015
  • VIRIDOM participates in European Utility Week 2015 in Vienna, Austria Please visit us at booth I.s40 - Startup Pavilion
  • Smart Thermostat service technical pilot successfully completed
December 2015
    Smart Thermostat service launch


  • Cyprus HQ

    9 Theodorou Kika street,
    8250, Emba, Paphos,
    Tel: +357 (0) 99 573373

  • Netherlands

    Herengracht 182,
    1016 BR Amsterdam,
    Tel: +31 (0)6 50 222 316

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